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Sibley & Associates LLC - A 28-Year History


With more than 28 years working in international development, Donna Sibley founded SIBLEY & ASSOCIATES LLC to consolidate her experiences with those of her ASSOCIATES around the world.  In 1988 she started her first international development company, working primarily with USAID under the SBA designation of Woman-owned Small Business, a status she has maintained.  SIBLEY & ASSOCIATES have worked in at least 48 countries in varied practice areas. The donors include USAID as well as the private sector and other international organizations.


SIBLEY & ASSOCIATES specializes in international development consulting services for both emerging and established markets, and focuses primarily on assisting startups and expansions of small businesses, particularly woman-owned small businesses. Early in the history of the Sibley organization, Donna and many of the current Associates pioneered the use of the franchise business model to train entrepreneurs and promote small business development in emerging markets. These franchise experts are still with the Firm and continue to promote and advise on social franchising as an effective method of achieving broad-based ownership in the economic development process. These same associates have also guided and trained many entrepreneurs in the more traditional practices of accounting, marketing, quality assurance and others. These interventions have contributed measurably to sustained growth and the experiences have lent considerable credibility to the advice provided to policy makers by SIBLEY & ASSOCIATES..


Collectively, Donna Sibley and her associates have completed hundreds of projects in more than 50 countries in support of assistance provided by multi-lateral and bi-lateral development agencies and private organizations.

Most recently, Sibley and her long-term associates have pioneered in applying the concepts of franchising in the delivery of family and other health services by physician teams. This most recent application of social franchising has been highly successful in meeting the health care needs in rural areas. Thus, the same methods used to transfer business practices from franchisor to entrepreneurs in the private sector now are being replicated in the social sphere in order to institutionalize upward and downward technology transfer of best practices for health clinics, social service providers, and others.





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